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Travelling from Veneto to Sicily, discovering its art, archeology and flavors, we have chosen Noto as the nest of our soul. Here remembrances of ancient cultures embrace an unspoilt territory, outlining an enchanting landscape from the sea to the high ground woods.


In Sicilian dialect, mavarìa (also magarìa, majarìa) means enchantment, spell.


This fertile land, in South-East Sicily, did enchant us, putting a "mavarìa" on us and making us fall in love with its sun and sea, its white stone and century-old trees, its crossing of people and cultures. 


Once upon a time, oil was used in sorcery here, against magic spells or to tell the future.


Today, its enchantment is its excellent flavor and its extraordinary prevention properties: that's a "made in Italy " to be proud of.


This is how       s  dvxvx    oil starts. Moresca olives, a cultivar native to the area, give us a fruity oil.

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